My Top 10 Favorite Character Experiences

As I was going through my list and brainstorming for ideas, I figured let’s leap off the idea from last entry and give a little bit more info on some of my personal favorites and maybe make some recommendations for those fun character experiences. Few guidelines for this one.

  • It won’t be just singular meet and greets, it might be a particular character dining meal too.
  • Will only be characters I’ve met, I won’t write about how great meeting Joy and Sadness is in Epcot if I haven’t done it.
  • Only current characters. So sadly no Incredibles, Wreck-it-Ralph or to go even further back the Disney Afternoon meet and greets. I do know that you can rarely meet them at RunDisney events or other Disney special events but these will be more based on could you go to the park tomorrow and find them.

As always my picks may not be yours, this isn’t meant to be the end all be all of character experiences and also these will all be current meet and greets.

10) Enchanted Tales with Belle

I feel like I’m slightly cheating (keep reading) with this entry but sincerely this character experience is something drastically different from anything you’ve seen. Quick synopsis, you enter through Belle’s cottage, get transported through a magic mirror to Beast’s castle where you’re greeted by the talking wardrobe and find out you’ll be helping tell the story of Beauty and The Beast to Belle. One of the Cast Members and the wardrobe will pick guests to help out and you’ll head into the library and the performance begins with the help Lumiere.

The reason why it makes the list is simply because of the impressive technology they use in the experience between the walk through mirror and the small yet really impressive audio animatronic of Lumiere. The reason why is ranks so low on the list is unless you’re hand picked you really don’t meet Belle. If you really wanted to meet Belle you can do so in Epcot in France.  Otherwise it’s a top-notch experience and addition in New Fantasyland.

9) Citizens of Hollywood

While not Disney characters, the Citizens of Hollywood are honestly some of the most entertaining characters you’ll see wandering the streets of Hollywood Studios. While they aren’t in the capacity of standing around waiting for guests, you’ll see them wandering various aspects of the front of the park.  From various citizens playing games with guests, visiting the Tune-in lounge or finding out who’s the funniest citizen in Hollywood!

We’ve had so much fun taking a break from the theme park grind and taking in some of their antics. Last fall we took a break for a drink at the Tune-in Lounge and to our surprise we saw a few of the Hollywood Electricians having a “drink” and eating olives with mustard and sriracha. Yeah I know disgusting but seriously was entertaining to sit there, relaxing and watch these guys do their thing.

If you doubt the sriracha and mustard here’s the proof

Seriously if you’re not taking some time out of your day to watch the citizens, you’re doing yourself a dishonor and not watching some entertaining characters.

8) Baymax


This entry is more a favorite character really. I had the opportunity to meet Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6 when they were located at Hollywood Studios in the former animation building but when they were evicted Baymax himself was relocated to Epcot’s Character Spot. As I said Baymax mostly makes the list because I love the movie, I love the character.  Be sure to take a look at his eyes because believe it or not they actually blink!

7) The Princesses 

I grouped all of them together, originally I was thinking oh I could put Anna & Elsa as one, Ariel with another but I wanted a wide variety of picks here. I honestly can’t think of a time where I’ve had a bad experience.

Between chatting it up with Anna and Elsa and having Elsa wonder why up here in the north were blaming her for the cold , Ariel being super curious about Little Mermaid/Doctor Who t-shirt and was very curious about the TARDIS or Merida wondering why on my shirt (the same one was before)  there was a house beneath the sea and it evolved into a talk about The Doctor.

I think enjoy the face characters a lot for the fact of being able to have conversations with the character, the princesses have been a lot of fun to interact with be it at Walt Disney World, Disneyland or on a Disney Cruise.

6) 1900 Park Fare Breakfast 

1900 Park Fare, a complete random group of characters but that is certainly not a bad thing at all. I put emphasis on the breakfast here as they do serve dinner here as well but there from my research is more based on Cinderella and characters from that film. That’s not a bad thing but we’ve been to the breakfast twice and had wonderful character interactions.

First off you get to meet Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Alice, The Mad Hatter and Mary Poppins. It’s such a weird grouping but you know what it works and it’s perfect! I remember distinctly during our first time there Mad Hatter told us to shove some muffins into our bags as they were super expensive in the park. The following time we went for Michelle’s birthday and Alice had asked how old she was and didn’t know numbers when that high. You could truly get some amazing character interactions with this breakfast, we’ve never been disappointed. If you’re okay with getting to the parks a little late one morning I highly recommend it.

5) Stitch

Anyone who knows me shouldn’t be surprised that Stitch made the list. Stitch is my all time favorite character. I have a collection of Stitch vinylmation and Funko Pops and may or may not be contemplating a Stitch tattoo one day. Anyways Stitch is such a fun character to meet sometimes you’ll get some great poses to do with him. When we first met him during the trip Michelle and I got engaged we took a photo with him where it looked like Michelle was giving him a kiss while I looked upset or we took another with him on a different trip with our “claws” out. I’ve always loved Stitch since he terrorized the other Disney animated character in those teaser trailers for his movie. He’s a great character to meet.


4)  Jack Skellington and Sally


Now I might be cheating (again) but you can’t meet them just not in the park every day. You can meet Jack and Sally at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Jack as Sandy Claws during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Now I’ll be honest I’m not the biggest Nightmare Before Christmas fan however when Michelle wanted to meet to two I couldn’t say no but if there was characters that felt like they were ripped right from the film its these two. I remember we were dressed up as Ninja Turtles and Jack asking what we were and making some sort of twisted reference to something he could do with them.  So as someone who just has enough knowledge of Jack and Sally, I had a blast with this meet and greet!

3)  The Disney Originals (minus Mickey)

How could I not include the originals! Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale. These are characters that are icons in Disney history and are staples in the Disney parks. You can pretty much different a variety of different costumed characters throughout the four parks.

Out of all these characters I really think that we’ve had the most fun with Chip and Dale. Pretty sure there’s been various times where one of them has tried to lure Michelle away. One time I was wearing a Donald Duck shirt and the duo wasn’t happy with that. Had me turn away from the camera. Minnie and Daisy always being the sweetest, Donald can be fun with his attitude and Goofy with his, well lack of a better term, goofiness.  You can find most of these characters throughout all four parks.

2) Star Wars characters

Another kind of cheating moment but I do know that these are the same characters in Disneyland as they are in Walt Disney World. This past January I got the chance to experience Disneyland’s Star Wars Launch Bay and much to my surprise I got to meet Boba Fett, Darth Vader and Chewbacca, though we know now that Vader has been replaced by Kylo Ren.

There used to be a bunch more of Star Wars related characters that venture out into Hollywood Studios during Star Wars Weekends and special events like May the 4th be with you but Star Wars Weekends isn’t happening anymore. Which makes me a little sad because there was more obscure characters like Zam Wessel, Mace Windu, and Kitt Fisto. Then more main characters like Luke, Leia, Queen Amidala and more. Maybe we’ll get some of these guys and gals back once Star Wars Land hits.

A few shots from May the 4th

The great thing about the few we have at Launch Bay characters is that they talk to you! YES!! They talk! It’s very generic conversations you can have with them but still I was so giddy when I was personally talking to Boba Fett. Darth Vader asked me about serving the Empire and the Dark Side and Chewie wouldn’t let go of me. He loves to hug! It was all my geeky fantasies come to life!!

1) Mickey Mouse

What list wouldn’t be complete with out the mouse himself. You can find Mickey absolutely everywhere. From Magician Mickey at the Main Street Theater, Chef Mickey at Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary, Adventurer Mickey in Animal Kingdom and my personal favorite Sorcerer Mickey at Hollywood Studios just to name a few.  The mouse that started it all can really make any trip truly eventful and magical.

As I mention before in my Top 10 things you MUST do at the Magic Kingdom list I mentioned meeting Mickey Mouse at the Town Square Theater and if you’re lucky enough Magician Mickey might just talk to you. Much like some of the Star Wars Launch Bay characters the chatter feels a little generic but there’s nothing like seeing Mickey live in person talk to you.

Mickey is sincerely one of those characters that I would never get tired of meeting especially seeing he has a wide variety of outfits and makes you feel like a kid again ever time you see him.

Another one done!  Feel free to contact me at for any inquiries or questions. I’m always happy to help you out with your Disney travel needs! And soon enough Universal as well. I might have to change these to the Theme Park Jedi Blog! Anyways my services are absoulutely free to get you a quote for your dream Disney vacation!

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Last but not least as always photos are ones personally taken by me, please do not use without permission.


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  1. Zomey says:

    My favorite was probably meeting Bay Max. Like, that time sticks with me the most.


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