Why you should go to the holiday parties

So with the recent announcement of dates for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party I figured why not do a blog entry sharing why you should attend these awesome parties.

The Atmosphere!

Seriously for either party there’s nothing like being in the Magic Kingdom when it’s decorated for Halloween or Christmas. During Halloween party there’s nothing like walking into the park and hearing the creepy music from The Haunted Mansion and seeing pumpkins, scarecrows and more all over the park.

At Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, the Magic Kingdom is decked out for Christmas with wreaths, garland, and Christmas trees! As you walk down Main Street, Christmas tunes fill the air as well as “snow” coming down as well. Sincerely the atmosphere of the Christmas party has easily put me in the Christmas spirit! I also forgot to mention the castle! Cinderella’s castle has it’s winter lights up and at night it makes it look like the castle has a frosty glaze!

Both parties set the mood the right way and gets you amped and psyched for the evening ahead!


The characters!

Believe it or not there’s a good mix between exclusive party characters and ones that you would normally meet in the parks at the parties. Typically during Halloween parties you’ll get to see more of the villains out and about such as Dr. Faciller, Maleficent,  Jafar and so on. It usually varies from year to year. During both parties I’ve seen Captain Jack Sparrow out for meets which normally does not happen anymore during the day.  Another exclusive character to both parties get a different look depending on which you go to. Jack Skellington with Sally made his debut at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party a few years ago and has been a huge hit ever since. During Christmas parties though Jack returns but he’s dressed in his Sandy Claws outfit instead. We did have the opportunity to meet Jack and Sally, which was phenomenal! Hands down one of my favorite meet and greet experiences ever! I haven’t met Sandy Claws yet but Michelle has and I’ve been told it’s just as amazing as meeting regular Jack.

One of my favorite photo ops with characters is the opportunity to meet all seven dwarfs, both parties will have opportunities to meet them.

The other really cool thing is the regular characters are usually dressed up! For example, Winnie the Pooh and friends will be dressed in Halloween costumes or Mickey and Minnie will be dressed in their Christmas best!

The entertainment!

Plenty of entertainment to go around at both parties. Fireworks, parades, dance parties and shows! First let’s start of with the fireworks! Each party has their exclusive Wishes show. Hallowishes and Holiday Wishes, both are themed to their individual holiday. Both are pretty great but I personally prefer Hallowishes. There’s nothing like a fireworks show to some classic Disney villain songs and Grim Grinning Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion.

Each party also has their exclusive parade. Halloween has Boo To You and Christmas has the Once Upon a Christmas Time parade. Boo To You tends to lean more towards your classic characters, villains and such. Not to mention get your spot early enough you may just catch the headless horseman take a ride down the parade route! I guarantee the music will be stuck in your head for the rest of the night! It’s stuck in my head just thinking about it.

The Christmas parade once again leans towards your more classic characters decked out for Christmas and winter. To be honest with you, if you’ve watched any of the Disney Christmas Parades you’ve seen aspects of the parade but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t skip it!

excuse the quality, it was before I started shooting with an DSLR

Each party has a variety of dance parties you can attend as well, all are scattered throughout the magic kingdom and are usually indoors. We typically don’t do them a lot but we have spotted the occasional rare character like Goofy dressed as Santa or George Sanderson from Monsters Inc. Can be a lot of fun for the kids!

Last but not least is the shows. Each party will have their unique stage show. I would go into details about each one but the Christmas stage show has been retired and fall of 2016 we will see a new one. The Christmas stage show in the past typically have been about fab five celebrating the season.

Typically the Halloween party changes up from year to year as well. Previous years have focused on the villains. This past year, that didn’t change as they used classic and newer Disney villains and put a focus on a trio of cult classic villains from Hocus Pocus. The Sanderson Sisters made their Walt Disney World debut. I’ve never been a huge fan of the movie but let me tell you these characters and movie has a huge following. It was hard for us to get close to see the show on the first show. We waited around to get a better place for the second. Even then we were absolutely surrounded.


Well “freebies” I say in the loosest of terms seeing most of them are most likely included in your ticket price but none the less they are free.

At the Halloween parties, there’s the trick or treat trail through out the park to where you can get candy! Most stations are scattered throughout the park. During Christmas there are cookies and hot cocoa that you can pick up if you need a little pick me up.

Cookies and Hot Cocoa!

Lastly the Magic Kingdom in the last few years introduced an interactive card came that can played through out the park called Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. During the parties typically there’s an exclusive holiday themed card that you can pick up.


Typically Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party doesn’t lend to many guests dressing up but both parties do lend to guest dressing up. It’s one of things I look forward to every time I go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. I love dressing up for Halloween. I would suggest keep in mind what you wear because of the Florida heat and humidity. My first year I dressed at Marty McFly from Back to the Future and I was sweltering. Through the years I’ve made sure to put together Florida friendly costumes.

I personally haven’t dressed up for the christmas party but last year Michelle attended it with some friends and dressed up in a rather simple costume, a plain red, non holiday themed Starbucks cup. It was a huge hit from what I heard.

Because Starbucks hates the holidays apparently

Last piece of advice is make sure you check the guidelines if you are older. Recently Disney changed a lot of their security policies, this does include costumes. So just make sure you look into those before making to elaborate of a costume.

Sincerely the parties are so much fun! It’s one of my favorite things to do down at Walt Disney World in the fall. Yes it is a little more out-of-pocket but for a night of holiday themed fun in the Magic Kingdom! It’s worth it!

Feel free to contact me at mark@mickeystravel.com for any inquiries or questions. I’m always happy to help you out with your Disney travel needs! My services to get you a quote for your dream Disney vacation are absolutely free!

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Last but not least as always photos are ones personally taken by me, please do not use without permission.


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