Top 10 things you MUST do at Animal Kingdom

“You made it! I knew you would!”

Another blog entry, another top 10. This time we finish off the parks and head to the Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is such a beautiful park with a great message of preserving the natural environment and animal conservation. The Animal Kingdom has been accredited the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the World Associations of Zoos and Aquariums. Which is funny to think because they brag about it being Nahtazu. Get it?

Let’s get down to it, top 10 things you MUST do at Animal Kindgom!

10) Take a picture in front of the tree of life or walk around the tree of life paths


I’m kind of copping out but even if you don’t take a picture there are some paths around the tree you can see all of the amazing carvings in the tree itself.  It’s a fantastic structure and looks great lit up at night. I can only imagine how it will look lit up for Rivers of Light get it illuminated with its projectors!

9) Dino Land USA

An interesting idea for an area of space at Animal Kingdom, its like a dinosaur fair ground. There’s a Triceratops spin ride, a spinning roller coaster by the name of Primeval Whirl and carnival games through out the area too. There’s also a play area for the kids which looks like an excavation site where they are digging up old fossils. It’s really cool looking! The whole area looks like it was set up in an old parking lot to give that fair ground feel. It’s definitely work a look see.

8) “Flash photography, I wouldn’t. It alters the homing signal and that’s not good”

Dinosaur, this is not one for kiddies. It’s dark, it’s loud. It tends to be scary and a bumpy ride with some dinos that may not agree with the kids. So use your own discretion

In this one you’re visiting the Dino Institute, greeted by Dr. Marsh and find out you are about to be a part of history and board one of their time rovers to travel back in time to see some Dinosaurs. Dr. Seeker however has some other plans for you. As you’re getting your ride safety talk from the infamous doctor, he wants to bring back an Iguanodon. The problem? The Iguanodon that he’s looking for is around right around the time that pesky asteroid is supposed to hit and kill off most life on Earth. Dr.Marsh tries to intervene but alas it wouldn’t be a thrill ride if things didn’t go to plan. Seeker sends you back right before the asteroid in a desperate attempt to grab that dino.

It’s not something we do all the time but if we’re feeling adventurous or up to a thrill, we hit the ride up. It’s not for everyone though. Fun fact, it’s the same exact ride mechanics and vehicle as Indiana Jones out in Disneyland.

7) It’s a big blue world!

Finding Nemo the Musical, let it be known it’s not our favorite thing to do at Animal Kingdom, I think it’s worth seeing at least once to form your own opinion. There’s some pretty good music and some great puppet work throughout.  All I can simply say is if you or your kids enjoyed Finding Nemo the movie, you’ll most likely enjoy Finding Nemo the Musical!

6) It’s Tough to Be a Bug!

Another 3D attraction at Walt Disney World, this one you travel under the tree of life and visit Flick and his friends from A Bug’s Life. A little bit of a warning for you, it may not be meant for everyone. Especially if you have a fear for bugs, spiders, being the dark, loud noises and so on. It can be quite the assault on the sense.

In the attraction Flick is trying to teach the visiting humans that well, it’s tough to be them. You get various demonstrations from fellow bugs and how they help out you without you knowing. Things take a wrong path when Hopper shows up and tries to show the humans are the worst and tries to terrify you with some of the more scarier bugs out there. It’s a fun attraction, something we do every time but it’s certainly a good way to beat the heat sometimes and get a fun but albeit a little scary of a show.

5) Rafiki’s Planet Watch

This is another one of those attractions, Michelle would kill me if I didn’t put this on. She loves going out to Rafiki’s. First off you get to take a train ride out to it and it’s a mini backstage tour for free. You can see where they keep the animals over night. Next you get out to the planet watch and take a small little hike (don’t worry it’s not to long of a walk) to the main building to where there’s various exhibits throughout. There are windows into some of the veterinary labs. You man even see an animal being worked on.

Outside there’s the petting zoo with various animals and I would highly recommend there is an animal show out there called “It all started with a mouse” in which they pay tribute to Walt himself and his love for animals, while showing off various animals, and going over Disney’s conservation efforts. It’s a very cute and educational show. A must do

4) Animal trails

I’m going to group all of them together, there’s a lot of trails through out the park to where you can see various animals. One of the great things about Animal Kingdom is that you could get lost but in a good way.

You could just end up exploring and see so many amazing animals and see them do amazing things. Also from a photography aspect you can get some truly amazing nature shots. Next time you’re at Animal Kingdom, do yourself a favor and get lost!

3) Expedition Everest


Another mountain in the Walt Disney World mountain range, joining the likes of Big Thunder, Splash, and Space mountains. Taking place on Mount Everest and you’re on a train about to explore the mountain but beware of the legend or myth of the Yeti. As you ride this coaster you find out that maybe the myth might be a bit more real than expected as you catch glimpses of it on your wild adventure through Everest.


It’s a fun coaster that does indeed go forwards and backwards. If you’ve ridden the other coasters, I’d say it ranks between around the idea of big thunder, maybe a bit more intense. It’s definitely one of the few big attractions in the park, until Avatar.

2) Festival of the Lion King

You want a great show to see? This is it! Possibly one of the best in the entire WDW resort. Festival of the Lion King is a celebration put on by Simba, Timon, Pumba and their friends. Dancing, singing, acrobatics, fire twirling and aerial dancing. Through out the show it’s a musical stroll through The Lion King’s greatest hits. It’s such a phenomenal show.

It’s a colorful and vibrant show that will have you amazed all the way through. It’s one of those shows that as a photographer I love shooting every time, not because you’ll see something different every time but the costumes are so great looking, the various  acts and more.

Adults will love, kids will love, do yourself a favor get in line or make sure you book your fast pass for this show!

1) Kilimanjaro Safari

My goodness if there’s an attraction that you know has the possibility of being different every single time it’s this one. We LOVE Kilimanjaro Safari. Every time we go to Animal Kingdom we make this our must do. The great thing is you never really know which animals you’ll see. Some will remain a bit more hidden but some you could get a great view of.  I’ve been told morning time is usually the best time for the safari but to be honest I don’t think I have ever had a bad safari ride but if you can swing morning, do it.

The attraction used to have a story, where eventually there’d be poachers on the reserve hunting some of the elephants for their ivory but now your trip focuses more on the animals than seeing a animatronic elephant at the end.

The great thing as of date of this being written, we’re coming up on the launch of nighttime safaris. We’re being promised an eternal sunset” and get to see animals during the evening. I’m excited for this and can’t wait to see what they have in store.

Another one down. As always feel free to contact me at for any inquiries or questions. I’m always happy to help you out with your Disney travel bookings! My services to get you a quote for your dream Disney vacation are absolutely free!

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